The first release from the Maddison Carter Quintet, 'Elbow Room' teams Carter up with Eugene Ball, Theo Carbo, Joe O'Connor, and Tamara Murphy. Recorded in two days, 'Elbow Room' blurs lines between composition and improvisation, new music and jazz, possibilities of polytempi in highly indeterminate improvised music; and imbues an openness that allows these creative minds to run wild.

releases March 5, 2019 

Eugene Ball | Trumpet 
Theo Carbo | Electric Guitar 
Joe O’Connor | Piano 
Tamara Murphy | Double Bass 
Maddison Carter | Drums 

ISM is a long-standing trio that I have been involved with since late 2013. It is often a place for experimentation for us, within a format that pays homage to likes of the Keith Jarrett, Avishai Cohen, and the Shai Maestro. 

This Canvas was released in late 2016.



Carbo Carter Gunnoo: the band that does whatever, whenever. Often preferring a slightly heavier sound palette than the other projects, this band is very much a collaboration between all four members of the group, and works to create collective improvisatory territory. The space that makes this ensemble grow is perhaps the desire to play the unexpected, from which the entire ensemble shifts, and is pushed onto new grounds. 

CCG is due to record in September 2018. 

Flora Carbo - Alto Saxophone | Theo Carbo - Electric Guitar | Isaac Gunnoo - Double Bass | Maddison Carter - drums

A fresh band that puts a sheet of music down and launches. This recording session was not meant to be an album, and yet Flora (typically) decided to release it. Having never released something with this approach before, it's refreshing to hear a non-judgmental, 'whatever happens' attitude within this session. 

Flora Carbo - Alto Saxophone | Isaac Gunnoo - Double Bass | Maddison Carter - Drums

The Bean Project is a folk-pop band that is the brain-child of Ben Langdon. With a songwriter's mindset and a strong foundation in jazz, this is an upbeat band in which we get to inject a bit of our folk hearts. 

Sadly, this band only existed for this one-off gig, but Scott managed to film, and I'm rather fond it! Totally free. I hadn't met Christian before that night. 

Scott McChonnachie - Alto and Tenor Saxophones | Ren Walters - Electric Guitar | Christian Meaas Svendson - Double Bass | Maddison Carter - Drums

Once again, a group and project that I wish had continued past this performance. 

Jessica Lindsay Smith is a remarkable composer (and person), and it's a pleasure to play in territory that is closer to new-music that jazz. 

released October 18, 2016

Jessica Lindsay Smith - Composition
Alto saxophone - Holly Moore
Bass clarinet - Thomas D’Ath
Trumpet - Anthony Foon
Shakere and vibraphone - Ollie Iacono
Piano - Selene Messinis
Double bass - Isaac Gunnoo
Drum kit - Maddison Carter

A pop band I played for a while ago!